How many people are in the band?

Currently there are 50-55 players in the band.

What kind of instruments are in the band?

The band includes woodwinds (flutes, oboes, clarinets, bass clarinets, bassoons and saxophones), brass (trumpets, French horns, trombones, euphoniums and tubas) and percussion. There are no guitars in the band. The band is essentially a wind orchestra (no violins, violas or cellos).

What music does the band play?

We play “light classics” much like the Boston Pops – original contemporary works for wind band, symphonic orchestral transcriptions, film music, Broadway and popular song medleys, and of course, marches from around the world. Our outdoor summer concerts are lighter than our formal indoor concerts.

Where and when does the band rehearse?

We rehearse weekly on Thursday evenings from 7:00 to 8:30 pm in the social hall at St. Pauls United Church of Christ, 2335 N. Orchard Street in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. We do not rehearse during the Christmas / New Year season (December / early January) and in late summer (August and early September).

Where and when does the band give concerts?

We give formal indoor concerts in the fall, winter and spring in the sanctuary at St. Pauls Church (see above), and special occasion concerts in neighborhoods across the city. We give outdoor summer concerts in popular sites around the city, including the Lincoln Park Zoo.

What neighborhoods does the band serve?

We rehearse and perform primarily in Lincoln Park, but we are looking for opportunities to perform in other neighborhoods across the city.

Does the band charge money for concert tickets?

Currently admission to our concerts is free. We accept donations, but we do not charge for tickets.

Does the band charge for on-site performances?

It is customary for groups sponsoring a special performance for a specific audience to give the band an honorarium to help cover expenses. There is no set amount or fee.

How do I get into the band?

Interested musicians should contact Mark and Sarah Mosley at, stating their primary (and any secondary) instrument, and summarizing their musical education and performance experience. We maintain a waiting list for each section and publicize openings for specific instruments.

Do I need to audition?

Currently we do not audition players for admission to the band. We base admission on your description of your skill and experience. We do sometimes conduct informal auditions for certain sections to determine seating.

Who conducts the band?

Mark and Sarah Mosley are the co-conductors of Windy City Winds. Their biographies are available in the “Our Conductors” section of the website. Sometimes the band will feature a guest conductor for a specific piece.

How did the band get started?

Mark and Sarah Mosley co-founded the band in September 2015. They saw the need for a community concert band in the city, comparable to the finest community bands in Chicago suburbs, providing opportunities for talented city musicians to rehearse and perform in Chicago neighborhoods, promoting wind music and weaving this music into our cultural life.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, donations to Windy City Winds NFP are tax deductible as we are an IRS approved 501c3 tax exempt organization. We acknowledge each gift with an appreciation letter which you can keep for tax purposes.

Are band members paid?

No. There are professional musicians who play in the band, but they are not paid for rehearsals or performances with the band. Our conductors are also unpaid.

What kind of people are in the band?

The musicians in the band are diverse in age (21 to 90), race, gender, sexual orientation, profession and experience. We have members who are teachers, lawyers, engineers, airline pilots, psychologists, real estate agents, consultants, information technologists, and retired executives. Members live in many different neighborhoods of Chicago. Members range in musical ability; some are unpaid professionals, many have degrees in music, but most members are talented amateurs who played in their college bands and now continue to play in Windy City Winds.

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